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Mohd Khairi Foundation is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2016 based on the concerns of its founder, Dato’ Seri Mohd Khairi against social welfare of Malaysians in general.

Its inception is for the sole purpose of carrying out charitable works thoroughly to help potential students plagued by poverty, family, schools, and education centres, care centres for the disabled and the elderly, shelters for single mothers and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in assisting victims of natural disasters and various welfare and social activities in Malaysia.

Before its inception Mohd Khairi Foundation has secured an annual contribution of several private companies amounted to almost RINGGIT MALAYSIA TWO MILLION (RM2,000,000.00) ONLY to be used and channelled to help people who are in need.

Mohd Khairi Foundation will continue its work with private companies and related government agencies to accumulate more funds in order to move forward in helping the less fortunate to achieve a better standard of living and to be able to become more independent and sustainable in the future. It is also the dream and ultimate goal of the foundation to build and manage at least one orphanage in every state across the Malaysian peninsular.

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