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Mohd Khairi Foundation was founded by Dato’ Seri Mohd Khairi. He is an entrepreneur and a seasoned businessman in various industries such as IT services, import and export, real estate development (developer), travel agencies including Hajj & Umrah Services, and many more. During his ventures in the business world, he was shown to the various twists and turns of life of the unfortunates from all over the world. The experience he gained has enlighten his conscience on the vastness of God’s gift to mankind and that it should be shared among the people. He truly believes that poverty among Malaysians is only a temporary state and with the right path and support, each person can be freed of poverty.

Dato’ Seri Mohd Khairi has also been active in funding and providing various social services and contributions to charities, missionary agencies, orphanages, schools and other welfare institutions. His determination to continue in helping Malaysian citizens, living in poverty and hardship wherever and whenever he can is an example to be followed. His enthusiasm and struggle to achieve this noble goal has sparked the notion for establishing his very own Foundation.

In the future, Mohd Khairi Foundation expects to expand its network of assistance to the people in the country living in off-grid or out of reach areas to improve their living standards in order for them to continue to thrive and grow socially and economically. With the assistance of the other members of the board of trustees, all aids and contributions from public and private companies as well as charities and donations received from individuals, Mohd Khairi Foundation truly believes that Malaysians living in poverty and hardship can be guided and helped more efficiently.

dato mohd khairi mat jahya
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